Fans – The Spirit Of Game

Value Of Fans

Ever imagine honey without sweetness? Flower without fragrance and Lakes without water? No? That’s the definition of a player! An achiever having big numbers of believers!
No one is bigger or smaller but the number of fans makes him prominent among others. If no one praises them, support them, than they are nothing but a useless dummy. They are as much as important to the sports as the players are. fans buys tickets, pays connections bills to watch matches. Which later becomes the salary packages of players, managers and others.

Their Kinds

Fans and their valluesThey are of two kinds, first one are those who see their performances occasionally and support them, but they don’t brag about them and fight for them, they are mediocre fans. Second ones are the tough ones, having posters in all over the room, not just room but social media profiles are also filled with their recent pictures and works. They love and watch each and every step their stars takes and makes.
Fans don’t have any specific field, whether you’re a sportsman, actor or a writer. You need a number of fans as an appreciation for next performances too. Fans effects the work of every artists. Yes it is true.
Sometimes it’s overwhelming but I love my fans and it’s always great to see them. – Justin Bieber

Owning A Team Or A Player

It is so often we see someone saying “our team will beat yours, our Messi will make us World cup champion, Leonardo DiCaprio will make another great movie” It is just because he believes in them, in teams, in players, in actors who are going to perform, If fans don’t watch the world cup and the game play than what would be the worth of that trophy? If they don’t buy tickets of movies than how stars will make millions? They actually owns them.

Passion & Enthusiasm

Passion of a fan is indescribable. for example, Pitch invaders are controlled now. But we can see how many of them are still invading fields and interrupting matches just to meet, touch and see closely how their reasons of survival behaves like. Like we see in the cricket world cup, fans breaking ground boundary wall and bumping into players and dancing. Same as it was in the football match, someone jumping over the walls and coming for autographs and snaps.


Appreciating Fans

celeb-appreciatingMany celebrities are still on the screen just because their fans want them there, Every nice celebrity tries to appreciate their fans hard work and dedication towards them by different methods, some tweets about them, some posts pictures together, some visits them in person and some invites them for a small meeting. This is all a nice fan wants “appreciation”, and acknowledgment by their star that his fans are best in the world.

 Fan Wars

We know it’s weird but fan wars are the most unresolvable issues on the earth. You simply can’t just say them that “their sdebatetar is lesser than yours”. If you said so, believe me you will debate more than presidential candidates in U.S doing now a days! Stop criticizing other actors, players and stars. Just appreciate their hard work. At least they are giving you topics to gossip about.
My fans are so important to me, and I would never want to disappoint them. – Selena GomezThe Value of a fan in a game can never be neglected, If you are a true fan of someone than do share your views and stories with us.



Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

Waleed Ahmad is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Chal Chalen. He's a wanderlust explorer. Waleed is also utilizing his travel and tourism experiences and sharing the positive sides with the world.

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