Ghotki (Sindh) – The Hidden Pakistan – Episode 01

This is the first episode of our series “The Hidden Pakistan“. This time, we covered Ghotki (Sindh) and brought its specialties to you. Second episode is about the city Rahim Yar Khan (Punjab) & covered all the renowned places and things in the city of Pakistan. Do help us to explore more & more ?


ghotkiCovering the area of 6,975 Square metres and having population around 970,550, there is a city named Ghotki. Old name of this city was Loh-e-Sahiban (which means the land of purity or place of purified persons). This is the 1st district which comes when we enter in Sindh from the side of Punjab or Kashmor (Baluchistan). meanwhile Ghotki is undiscovered city with many incompatible places and specialties.
General Raja Ibn Selaj Birhman(relative of Raja Dahir)  was the founder of this city. He left it afterwards but when in 712 A.D Muhammad Bin Qasim defeated Raja Dahir. Than Ghot Ibn Samed Ibn Patel a Hindu born to a son of Raja Dahar was settled here. Raja Accepted Islam and married a Muslim women named Emna and gave birth to a baby boy Tameer.
From whom the Ghota tribe came into being. Arabs awarded many lands to Ghotas.
And named this village as “Dharwali” to honour their grandfather.
Subsequently as the Ghotas have made efforts economically and culturally. In the meantime the name of this village was changed from Dharwali to Loh-e-Saheban. Named after a Saint who came from Bhaghdad whose name was Syed Mubarak Shah Jillani Baghdadi.
And when in 1847, British have conquered the whole state. than they awarded huge blocks of irrigated, fertile land to the Ghotta tribal chieftains.
In return of their loyalty to the British. later, earlier the town’s name changed into Ghotki (of Ghottas) from Loh-e-Saheban.
“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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Places to Visit in Ghotki, Pakistan

FFC/Engro Fertilizer

emgro-ghotkiBoth of them have almost same structure so visitors can visit any one of them. And enjoy the making of urea and other chemicals. They are the back bone of fertilization in Pakistan.
They have beautiful Officer Colonies and clubs. Where everyone can enjoy evenings and tasty meal course too.

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Moomall ji Marri (Historical Heritage)

moomal-ji-marri-2It is situated near Mirpur Mathelo. This place is one of those civilizations which were destroyed by the natural disasters. It is believed that in the year 536 B.C. the earth-quake ruined Mathelo town along with other small towns of the Sindh.
Iranian King Dara-II reconstructed the Mathelo partially.
Mathelo fortress was reconstructed in 650 A.D. in the days of Rai Dynasty. During the days of Soomras (from 1051 to 1351 A.D. this family ruled Sindh) Raja Nand Gujar Rajput ruled the northern Sindh,  Whose capital was Mathelo.
A legendary myth and love story of Moomall and Rano is associated with the site.  which gives an insight into the regions rich history.
This place is having 5 acres of land and consists of a museum, library, art gallery, auditorium and a handicraft Center for women.

Safari Park

ghotki-desert-safariIn the third place there is a safari park which comes along the national highway just after the main city. Safari park has many of the animals like Deer, peacocks etc. It is enjoyable if visitor have some spare time and a good Jeep ride.

Ghotki desert (Thar)

-desertA large part of desert and working boundary of Indian Territory meets at the point which comes after Khangarh (home of khans of Ghotki) in Ghotki. To put it in other way this is a beautiful point for camping as the sunset here is breath taking.

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Specialty of Ghotki.

ghotki-perraaGhotki is specialized in making sweets named Perra which is made up of milk and Khoya. Along with the decoration of almonds and pistachio.
They are just like tiny milky mouthwatering pyramids. The best perra in Ghotki are available at old bus stand main city ghotki.
furthermore, the other specialty of Ghotki is its Chai, every main market, colony, and main highway side has places and small hotels. which provides the best tea in the whole zone.
Tea with perra will kill your taste buds. believe me!

Industrial City (2nd most Tax Payer City in Pakistan)

Not just FFC and Engro but ghotki has many of other small and large industries which are equally important. 
If we count them in numbers than it will be like: Sugar Mills (03), Gas Fields (02), Rice Mills (28), Flour Mills (15), Ice Factories (10), Oils Mills (20), Stabilizer and UPS making (03), Handicrafts, Candle Making and Spice Factories and counting.
for that reason Ghotki is the 2nd largest tax payer city of Pakistan.

Sufis And Saints

Ghotki is also a town of Sufis and Saints. Sufis like Peer Baghdadi Shah in Adilpur, Naray Sayeen in main city area and Peer Qasim Shah in Rehmowali ghotki. they have done a lot of teachings and with their teachings they have also spread Islam in their time.
Jameya Mosque of Ghotki is one of oldest mosque of Sindh. there are some stories of Shahbaz Qalander affiliated with that mosque too.

Ghotki is the city of Saints. come here, have prayers and than eat perra with tea.


Cadet College Ghotki

ccgCadet College Ghotki is a residential institution established on an area of 253′ acres. Its is located 12km away from Ghotki on the left side of National Highway heading towards Mirpur Mathelo. The college is situated amidst beautiful natural surroundings essential for the healthy mental and physical grooming of cadets.Share your experience if you ever have visited Ghotki. or if you ever tasted Sweets of Ghotki. Enjoy!



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