Mistakes During Public Speaking

Public speaking is the act or skill of making speeches in pubic (usually a large group of people). Everyone makes mistakes when speaking in public.
But the main thing is to learn from that and try to correct it next time. See How Public Speaking Can Be Helpful In Your Life.
Given below are few mistakes that should be avoided in public speaking at any cost to make it unforgettable:

Not Rehearsing Enough:

oral_pr_1Be ready and willing to answer the questions asked during or after the presentation. Always be honest whatever you say.
If you don’t know the answer simply say “sorry, I don’t know the answer”. As your audience can handle the truth but not the lie and they will be appreciating the truth.You can practice your presentation in the following ways:

  • Stand in front of mirror.
  • Speak aloud as if you are on stage.
  • Record yourself and watch it later with the mindset of an attendee i.e. with their perspective.
  • If you are unable to record it visually, try recording the audio.

Preparation is the key for an effective presentation. @chalchalen


Presenting Too Much Data:

factsfigures_blog-1024x601It’s always better to have more information than you need but it doesn’t mean to spread all your material on the slides. Try making it as simple and accurate as possible. But don’t forget to include all the important points.
Firstly you should try to manage time for the whole presentation as the main purpose is to share information with others. But you should know how to cut it if running out of time.

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Speaking With Low Energy:

Mostly people don’t expend enough energy which results in an un-involved and uninteresting presentation.
You can get more attention by increasing your energy level and by being passionate about your presentation.

Through this lots of our mistakes will also be ignored.

Ignoring Your Audience:

nichemarketSometimes the presenters are in a hurry to wrap up the presentation that they forget their audience what they need.
That’s why a better way to involve your audience is to start by telling your audience what we’ll be covering, the questions answers and so on. It will help your audience to relax and concentrate on your presentation.
Audience can also be involved by adding images, stories and examples so that your audience will always get involved and they will take away an unforgettable impression.

Rushing During Presentation:

aid1217841-728px-write-a-persuasive-public-speech-step-13Rushing further creates a bad situation in any problem with the content or delivery you are already having. And it’ll lose impact because of rushing.
Try to slow down as you’ll seem to be more confident and experienced. It’ll also help your audience to digest all the main points you wanted to deliver.
And your audience will also be able to ask questions related to the presentation.
That’s why S-l-o-w d-o-w-n!


Questions And Answers:

aid9476-900px-communicate-effectively-step-4-version-2Be ready and willing to answer the questions asked during or after the presentation. Make sure to always be honest to your audience and deliver the information that you actually know.Always remember that your audience is depending on you to teach them something new, so try teaching them well with an unforgettable presentation.
The best way to end your presentation is to end it with a call to action i.e. visiting a website or signing up for something.HOW YOU DELIVER YOUR PRESENTATION TO THE PUBLIC. Share your thoughts.



Authored By Jawaria Arif

Jawaria Arif is a Software Engineer. Currently working as an editor of Chal Chalen to enhance writing skills and is mainly aimed at providing social media marketing facilities as well as writing articles.

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