Nightlife In Pakistan


nighlife-in-pakistan-1As Pakistan resides in the Eastern World, So it has qualities and characteristics of an eastern country. It is rich in cultural diversity. You simply cannot predict what is going to happen at the next moment? Just because the nation is always finding more ways to spend quality time. We are showing you a small view of Nightlife in Pakistan.

Nightlife in Pakistan

gol-gappayI must say nights in Pakistan are very beautiful, it actually depends upon the part of the country you are living in, as Lahore has its own charm of night, like you will see the crowd at different food corners and shops, eating Gol gappay, Ice creams, Kulfis, and Karai.

In Karachi you cannot simply go for shopping at 10 am, oh yes! You will prefer instead. Because the shop keepers or buyers as well are more active and fresh at the night than the morning. You can hang out at Do Darya to have a quality dinner, or Port Grand to spend a tremendous part of the night. You will never see the road named Shahra-e-Faisal empty, ever.

Well, speaking of night in Islamabad, it is quite different from the other cities of Pakistan. Islamabad is wealthy in natural beauty, you can have a cup of coffee at Monal in the night or you can spend your part of a night in some of the huddled Markaz to have refreshments and shopping.nighlife-in-pakistan-4

Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan each city has few or more places where you will see people roaming actually around 3 to 4am. Most of them are kind of foodie and social.

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What Is A City, But The People; True The People Are The City. @chalchalen



nightlife-in-pak-orgIn the villages, people usually go to bed early, as they have to go for the work early in the morning. But if there is any event! Believe me you will get tired of waking up for long time, everyone would be jolly there.
If we see the family norms, than a traditional part is here, everyone would sit in the lounge together and listen to the elder talks or share his/her past day experience, everyone join each other on the dinner table and they also share the cup of tea together.
After dinner there must be some everyone-like-it type of family show which could be a Drama serial or TV show, no one would miss any single episode.
More ever, Waking up for no use or for useless works is considered as an unethical habit in Pakistan.  So usually parents give lectures on that point specifically. Although everyone like to use cellphones and internet before going to bed.
Nights spent with friends are always Unforgettable.

Youth’s Nightlife.

nighlife-in-pakistasn-1-sIf out of nowhere you got an idea to have a walk in streets and places at late night, you will probably see a big part of our youth having hands on ears, yeah I mean phones on ears! Everyone is sending sentiments and big talks to their beloved ones, this scenario is especially enjoyable if you are living outside your hometown in some hostel or flat.
However, many of other young leaders might be reading philosophical posts on Facebook, sharing recently clicked pictures on Instagram with some big quotes and tweeting about something unique happenings.

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Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

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