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Umair Jaliawala - Training & Development
Training & Development: I have been following Umair Jaliawala since last year in LCL 2015. It always feel great listening him, thinking about the ideas that he shares, his thoughts and the knowledge that he, the great inspirational man, has been sharing through his lectures.Today I have been discussing his 3G Concept that can be applied to any organization, startup or a group of people working on any cause. Relating this concept to our domain, we can say that we can apply this concept to the Event Management Companies or any travel and tourism club.

In this article you will learn:

  • What Actually 3g Concept is?
  • Understanding the word “GROW” in 3G Concept in any organization or a team & how you can GROW?
  • To understand the meaning of “GROOM” and how a team can groom?
  • And The Last term “GO” in 3G Concept with the explanation that how you can achieve it?

What actually 3g Concept is?

Grow-Groom-Go-Training & Development

3G is a formula for personal or organizational development. That is; reflecting the perception of your loyalty with your organization or individual life. It’s not just staying stuck to one position with same repetitive tasks. But the actual meaning of loyalty is giving your best till the day you’re in that position, preparing successors & leaving, with everybody’s love, as an ambassador of the organization!

See What Jaliawala Says about 3G Concept

3G, a concept I was taught long ago by my mentors Kamran Rizvi (a.k.a., Kambha) and Shireen Naqvi. Loyalty is not becoming a chewing-gum that sticks somewhere forever, loyalty is being at your best till the time you’re around and leaving as an ambassador. Preparing others to take charge is not giving up, it is growing up and that is something we gotta learn for our families, societies, communities and organizations.



Life is about continuous improvement. World is changing day by day, adopting new concepts or ideas, leaving the old ones behind. To compete with the world, an individual must have to adjust himself in this ever changing cycle. You just can’t limit your skills and working on the same set of tasks throughout, repeating your tasks daily and get bored.

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You have to improve yourself, you have to grow, learn new thing and apply them to improve the things that you are working on. There must be a space to adopt new ideas that will keep you growing and improve your performance continuously. An individual can only get success by continuous learning & by keeping positive attitude. See The Art Of Positivity for further reading

Make Every Day Better Than the Previous One

How Can You Improve Yourself?

  • Learn from Experience

    • Every task you do, must consider a term “lesson learned”. Ask yourself or the team following questions:
      • What things went prefect?
      • Identify the failures and how these failures can be overcome?
      • What steps to adopt to make the procedure better than the current.
  • Attend Training Programs

    • Most people found this thing expensive but the ROI (Return on Investment) can be 100 or even 1000 times greater. You learn that what’s trending in your field, how organizations are working and what techniques they are following. You learn new skills that can be applied on your ideas to maximize your growth.
    • For example: an event management company is doing awesome in organizing an event, but they are not getting enough response due to poor marketing skills. In the case, attending marketing programs can improve their business.
  • Read Some Books

    • Training & Development programs help you learn through practical examples, but to have deep knowledge, you have to study books. Books help you understand the actual value and philosophy behind the specific topic. It help you relate the new concept with your domain. Books contain lots of examples and case studies that help you mapping them with your problem and improve the results.

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. –Vera Nazarian

  • Write Some Content

    • Writing also helps you to grow, you write about some idea and share with your connections. People will definitely argue with you, they will suggest some more ideas, will ask questions about that idea. Overall, it will help you to think more and research more on that topic. Same case with teaching, you teach people, to improve yourself as well.
  • Meet with Wise People

    • It’s like learning from others experiences. Share your ideas with people and ask for suggestions. No one have same way of thinking, they will definitely share their thoughts with some different perception that will help you to grow.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. Ralph Marston


You have learned new skills and have broaden your knowledge. Now you might be thinking of moving forward.
Yes, you’re right. But wait! who is going to take your position? Is he capable enough to handle your workload?
Here comes the concept of GROOM. You have to teach your fellows the things that you know.

Share Knowledge

team -Training & DevelopmentNo one is capable of doing all the things at the same time, you have to divide responsibilities among your team mates. You have to share your knowledge and experience with them so that they can serve you as a ladder step.

Completing a task by yourself is easy. But teaching other to do the same task is very difficult. You must have enough patience spending 10 hours on a task that you can do in just 2 hours.If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together


So far, you are improving yourself daily, also the team you are working with is all set to take your position. Now it’s time to GO, it just not means that you have to move yourself from one organization to another. It means that you have to change your role now. You have to start working on new functionalities, you have to make new business strategies, you have to Think Outside The Box.Being stuck to your position, and working on the same routine is not the right way, you have to move on.
Consider an example of water,

When water flows, it’s clean. But when its stop moving, it causes diseases.Same is the case in your personal or team development. Learning new skills, applying new skills always keep you encouraging and motivating. If you stop learning, stop trying new things and get stuck with your limited workflow, you get bored. This feeling will cause depression in you, it will cause lack of confidence. Working with such an attitude will never let you move forward, you have to adopt changes with the passage of time.

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Conclusion:“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.” -Bill GatesYou have to improve yourself, by learning new skills, by adopting new ideas. Besides this, you have to teach your team mates so that they can help you to move forward by easily occupying your current position. Once you get relaxed from this burden, now you think to move on. Start working on new ideas, enhancing your work, and increasing your team. As a result your organization or team starts growing, your team performance increases that will result in good business.You just can’t climb the ladder, if you keep stopping your followers from climbing it

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Authored By Faraz Javed

Faraz Javed is the founder & CEO of Chal Chalen. He is the diligent and dedicated partner. Through his writing skills, he is covering event marketing & promotion strategies to maximum event audience.

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