My Aim In Life

By: Afifa Mujahid

The inherent nature of man has always forced him to look towards excellence. This desire of man has higher priority than any other desire such as earning livelihood. One tries to satisfy this desire while pursuing other ambitions; be it livelihood, education, career, etc. The other question man faces from the beginning of life is to find a purpose in everything he do and his over-all purpose of existence and being. These two questions when combined form the most complex and most basic question, “What do I want to do? What is my aim in life?”Finding a career while trying to answer the aforementioned questions there are few choices left for an individual and out of those choices I choose Civil Service. I want to be a Civil Servant and that too in the real sense of the words. Civil Servants, commonly known as Bureaucracy, are responsible for the (smooth) execution of the day to day affairs of the state.

Bureaucracy Is The Art Of Making The Possible Impossible -Javier Pascual Salcedo

Sahab Nama & Its Infuences

One day while going through my Parents’ library I found Shahab Nama and started reading it out of boredom and curiosity after first couple of hundred pages began the part where he started talking about his career in civil services. It was all like a fairy tale for my young mind. The couplet from Hafeez Jalandhari Sahab in the preface was also a very romantic thought for me.

جب کہیں انقلاب ہوتا ہے
قدرت اللہ شہاب ہوتا ہے

Over the years I read it again and again and fortunately I was able to break away from the spell of Shahab’s beautiful writing style and began to see things a bit clearly.Over the course of years I have had many discussions with different friends who have had been preparing for the competitive exam and have always asked them why they want to be a civil servant. Sadly, the answer has mostly been the same except for one or two instances; they all want a piece of pie for themselves. There is a need to change this thinking, a need to bring about an intellectual revolution. After all, we are all but a spot in the vast sea of time.I am now convinced that I should join Civil Services for I want to serve and help my country. However, I know that things might not actually be what they seem from outside but it’s all worth the shot. Pessoa once said:

“Fields are greener in their description than in their actual greenness”



Authored By Faraz Javed

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