China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a “Game Changer” or a “Deceiver in disguise”

By: Mahnaz Mansoor

Now a days we come across a lot of debates and writings on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) almost on every forum. Although importance of CPEC can’t be ignored in any way as it is one of the major projects in the history of Pakistan and for politics of the region, as according to prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the future of Pakistan and its timely completion is top priority of the government. The CPEC would lead to generation of employment opportunities across the country and would lead to enhancement in trade and poverty reduction”.


Despite of all this importance, every news about this project is spread in such a way that it seems like the only major concern of industrialists inside and outside Pakistan. The media classified it as everything in the region is dependent on CPEC. As a result all attention is being diverted towards CPEC and all other major issues are facing ignorance. In course of that terrorists’ activities in Balochistan can’t be ignored after the initiation of CPEC.#CPEC will enable Pakistan to become Gateway for South Asia

How poor see it?

By giving the name of “game changer” it is claimed by the government that CPEC will bring changes in the life of poor and needy individuals of Balochistan province. It reminds us many other promises of government in the past which are still awaited by the people to be fulfilled, in fact instead of getting better, lives of poor people are getting worse with the passage of each and every new day. For the time being if we say that local people are getting jobs during constructions but then what would they be doing after completion? Instead of giving the name of game changer we should call it another interesting game of deceiving the poor people.

Future assumptions

Even if we say that CPEC is very beneficial and will be successful in future than a question arises that, would Pakistan become a regional Leader? Off course the answer is “NO”.As it is purely designed for China by the Chinese in order to use Pakistan as a pathway to get a better access to the international markets to ensure its presence to the multiple regions. It’s basically a market dominancy war between U.S and China. One important thing which is being ignored is the local industry of Pakistan, which already facing a lot of competition due to cheep products imported from China, and would be even cheaper with an ease of export due to CPEC as a result Pakistan’s local industry will face huge losses. It is evident from the past experiences that routes always benefit those who use them rather than those who own them.



Authored By Faraz Javed

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