Corruption As Lethal Destruction

By: Mahnaz Mansoor

Corruption is basically known as the cheating and misconduct by those who have powers at higher level but in actual way it varies from every single person to other. Each distinct personality is corrupt at individual and basic level even with minimal power to execute it. Corruption is frequent in our routine matters. No one thinks that they are being employed in government and private institutions and they are drawing a certain amount of salaries from them. So Are they actually putting the efforts required for the fulfillment of that specific job? Are they fairly executing the tasks? Apart from that, if we talk about the root cause than it is commonly said that if you want to get your work done through recommendation of somebody than go to the lower level clerk status of that institution because they will get it done by taking some money.

Examples in Real life

CorruptionIf we talk about Government doctors, do they really treat the patients like they have to? Most of them have their private clinics where they use the medicines and instruments provided by government for poor people. They intend to provide much better treatments than they use to give at government hospitals from where they draw a handsome amount of wages. But alas! People are helpless to go there as they don’t have any other choice. Bribing form our side when caught by traffic sergeant is another example of corruption.Every one critically comments ohhhh! There is terrible situation in Pakistan because of corruption but no one wants to eradicate it at individual level. As a result, people with less authorities are deprived of the basic rights of life. Corruption can only be eliminated if the people act honestly at high as well as at lower levels.

“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling, it must increase.”


Say No To CorruptionIf we take a look into NAB’ action of spreading awareness about corruption by printing message of ‘Say No to Corruption’ everywhere, we feel happy that at high level there is something happening to exterminate corruption but still problem is there at small levels. The day we realize that nobody can end up this problem except ourselves than everything will start getting better. As sense of responsibility at individual level is the only solution of this dangerous issue.



Authored By Faraz Javed

Faraz Javed is the founder & CEO of Chal Chalen. He is the diligent and dedicated partner. Through his writing skills, he is covering event marketing & promotion strategies to maximum event audience.

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