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EDUCATIONAL APATHYEver wondered why dinosaurs became extinct? Because they never read! 
The pedagogical system of Pakistan is as old as the hills. The testimony to the fact is that both me and my mother pursued the same novel in English class back in our college days. Suffice to say reforms and Pakistan’s educational system do not go along very well. Schools in Pakistan only pivot around grades as is evident by class 1 to 4 children having to sustain the tough ordeal of formal examinations at the end of each year, while this age is the optimal time for character building, communication skills, physical, creative and aesthetic development. The scenario of EDUCATIONAL APATHY is discussed below,

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1w23Education in Pakistan is simply a disoriented exercise of waking up every morning, rushing to school only to come back and wait for the exams to be within sniffing distance so one could start the aimless “rattafication” (barren memorization) of the notes. There is no pragmatic relevance of all these school years due to the crippling curriculum. Does anyone of you remember Bernoulli’s principle? Or its empirical implication in daily life?


Reasons (Case Study)

EDUCATIONAL APATHYThe notion of homework after dragged-out and wearisome school hours is a harrowing prospect for the juvenile minds which shatters their young spirit and keenness towards studies as overburdening is an unpropitious thing. Homework is a pre-eminent factor in the deterioration of performances of students therefore studies should be pinched within school hours.
Another plague affecting our scholastic system is the lack of motivation, on part of the teaching staff, given to the students to ask questions. Students refrain from asking questions, how baffled they may be by the topic under discussion, due to the fear of being labelled a silly questioner and the forthcoming embarrassment owing to the laughter of the fellow students. It is the teacher’s duty to foster an atmosphere which sanctions students to question unhesitatingly. In schools students are graded on the basis of their answers while no importance is given to questioning. There is nothing as a “wrong question”.
There is a Chinese proverb
He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.

Finland, the country with the highest high school graduation rate (93%) in Europe, where every two out of three high school students move on to college, goes against the orthodox evaluation/grade-driven educational model which most of Europe adorns. Also the teacher-student ratio is 1:12 which allows student-teacher interaction to be plenty. There is no standardized examination before the age of 16 and no concept of homework to unnecessarily burden the young birds. The teachers are paid handsomely like doctors and students enjoy recess of more than 1 hour. Now ask yourself why Finland should not be at the top in the educational circuit in the world?
One more reason for our educational downfall is the bunking menace, a mania now on the rise among the female students too. Students have this hunch that bunking with their fellow class mates will somehow make them cool and acceptable wwithin the social circle. If one does not bunk a class he is tagged as the “teacher’s back scratcher” and is frowned upon as an uncool person. “Peer pressure” is the only cause. Some might suggest making 75% (or whatever digits you deem suitable) attendance mandatory, but don’t you think it’s insulting to the professor to lecture a bunch of students who are forcefully taking the lecture rather than a motivated lot?
EDUCATIONAL APATHYLets spare a glance at the miscarriage of justice in the form of gender inequality when it comes to education in Pakistan. Females aren’t allowed to study and the males don’t want to. Although this trend is changing in the urban setting but the rural areas making most of our population have a long way to go. Furthermore poverty-stricken families can’t afford the school fees, the children in turn drop out at an early stage to work (fanning child labor) in order to support the family.

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Additionally (In Educational Apathy)

The Public sector plight ranges from lack of infrastructure to unqualified teachers to low salaries of the few qualified ones. The floors have craters, walls have crevices, improper chairs, no white boards, electricity is unheard of and hence low student attendance. Single-sex education is still preferred, the result of which are unconfident and meek individuals. Not only this but there is a marked disparity between the level of education provided in public and private sectors leading to an unhealthy divide in the population.
Keeping all the stumbling-blocks of our withering educational system in mind, it must be highlighted that parents have a major role on how the academic future of a child unfolds. Unfortunately the proverb “education begins from the mother’s lap” has been blurred out and a false perception that schools and colleges are the only givers of education has crept in. Hopefully my mother won’t see her grandchildren reading the same novel as her and me. Immediate reforms are needed on a war footing. 

Farig Jawaan ki berozgari ka Sabab: The Struggling Graduate



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