Generation Gap: An Ultimate Destruction To Our Family System.

By: Afifa Mujahid

Generation Gap is one of the major issues we all are facing. The problem arises when our parents wants us to behave in the same manner as they did in their time and by not understanding the evolving and unique requirements of current era. Generation Gap is the psychological and physical gap between parents and their kids. The success of parenting lies in how effectively they avoid the generation gap or try to fill it. Generation Gap can be created by either parties that is KIDS or from PARENTS. In earlier times two or three generations lived in the same environment and the development was slow but now the world being global village, the dynamics are changing drastically which is difficult for our parents to adapt to.

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Generations Have Similar Values; They Just Express Them Differently @chalchalenGeneration Gap is something that can be easily overcome if our parents adapt to the changing dynamics of the society.

generation-gapParents Must Treat Their Kids As Friends

Firstly, make friendship with your kids, ask their day to day activities, which in return will help bridge the gap. From deep friendly attachment with parents, kids will learn to respect them and obey them. Do not scold your kid in front of everyone rather make them realize their mistake individually as this can forbid them from asking any question in future which will again lead to generation gap.


Kids Must Show Respect To Their Parents

In a similar fashion kids also have to show respect towards their parents as this gap can only be filled if these two parties work together to bridge the gap.

generation-gap1Limit Excess Use Of Gadgets & Spend Some Time With Parents

An important factor which has hindered the communication between parents and kids is the excessive use of electronic gadgets namely mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. Physically everyone is in same room but they are on their mobiles etc. Children should also try to reciprocate the amount of love their parents show towards them. Try to surprise your parents with frequent gifts, help them in bringing groceries from the market, try to teach them the use of modern day gadgets if they ask to. Be humble if they scold you because they are getting old and fragile. Try to spend more time with them, share your problems because only they can give you best and friendly advice in the light of experiences they have gone through.

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In short if this GENERATION GAP needs to be filled then both the parties have to work together to bridge the gap.

Share your thoughts, what you think about generation gap and how it can be filled.



Authored By Faraz Javed

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