Hiker’s Heaven Pakistan (part-1) Dudipatsar Lake

This is the first part of the Hiker’s Series. Its about the Dudipatsar Lake. The Next one is Hiker’s Heaven Pakistan (Part-2) Ansoo (Ansu) Lake

Submitted By: Waleed Ahmed.

We cannot define what actually hiking means. Hiking is a sport, a hobby, an adventure and medicine for mountaineers and peace lovers.
When You’re In The Mountains, Every Day Is Friday
Basically hiking is a term to define what potential you really carry. And yes don’t forget to take essentials and gears before going on a hike. You can never judge what’s really waiting for you out there! For those instruction don’t forget to see Things to know before you go.

Game of strong:

Hiking is one of those habits which only belongs to brave people. Who takes risks, who tackles fear and who fights the limits.
It knocks out those who don’t believe in themselves.
That whether they can do it or not.
Get Lost In Nature & You Will Find Yourself

Pakistan-Heaven For Hikers:

unnamedYes, you read it right. Pakistan is among those countries which you must visit if you are a true hiker, cause who would not like to visit Dudipatsar, Chitta katha, Ansuu, Kandol, fairy meadows, karomber, Saral and many other lakes along with many base camps including Nanga parbat and k2.
Lakes having difficult titles but tremendous sceneries. You will forget your effort when you will reach there.
Each lake contains different views and environment. You will see refreshing vibes everywhere.

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We are going to start a series of routes and guidelines for hiking towards those prominent places. Starting from the lake which I myself believe is a must-visit for everyone even if they are not a hiker, is discussed below in detail:

Dudipatsar Lake:

unnamed-2The amazing lake, loaded with outstanding blue-green water, is in a valley of snow covered tops situated in a national park called Lulusar-Dudipatsar.
The name of the lake has been made by two native words, “dudi” and “pat”. Dudi means white and pat is indicating towards high mountains which are normal in the territory where the lake is found. The last word “sar” is word for “lake”.
As indicated by local people the name has been given to the enormous lake because of the magnificent white snow that covers the mountains surrounding the lake.
This lake is located in Mansehra District. July-August is the best time in which you can see the 1st snow of the season too (yeah, in case your’e lucky enough).
Let’s see the guide map:


unnamedBesal/Besar is the starting point for hiking like dudipatsar Lake. Dudipatsar is at the distance of 14.4 km from besal. So try to leave for besal early in the morning (i.e 4-5am, & book your jeep one night before) from Naran city. It will cost you 4 hours approx.!
You will reach besal around 9am. Than have your breakfast, hire a guide, horse etc from Besal. And start hiking towards Mullah ki basti (10-13 km distance) on a trek selected by Tourism department of Pakistan.
The track is not highly maintained but still its best among others. Enjoy your time and spend your night there in a rented camp if you don’t have your own.


unnamed-1Start hiking towards Dudipatsar Lake early in the morning. Try to catch sunrise there on the lake.
Make some memories in the form of pictures and videos and spend your rest of the day on the lake.
In the evening come back to the same rented camps in Mullah ki basti (if you don’t want to go down to Besal otherwise leave early).


Than leave for Besal around 10am.
You will make it before dusk and then go back to Naran city.
Believe me you will not regret going there if you made it to the lake!If you ever had experience to go Naran City…
Do share your story with us. We love to listen from you



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