Hiker’s Heaven Pakistan (Part-2) Ansoo (Ansu) Lake

This is the second part of the Hiker’s Series. Its about Ansoo Lake in Kaghan Valley. The first one was Hiker’s Heaven Pakistan (part-1) Dudipatsar Lake.


ansoo-lakeAnsoo Lake is one of the beautiful and interesting lakes in the tremendous Kaghan Valley. When we see the history of this lake, it was discovered by a patrol officer of Pakistan Air force. He saw a lake which was molded precisely like a tear drop. This happened in 1993 and the lake was named Ansoo Lake around then and the name has stuck till now. “Ansoo” means “tear” in the nearby and additionally the national dialect. The inception of the name may have been the look of the lake as tear drop. However hikers observe that the lake is not a tear in itself. Rather the sight is considerably more delightful as the softening snow and ice from the ice sheets. Which make a slight curved shape in the lake in this way making it show up as though the lake is taking after a human eye. The main part is the water flow is just look like a drop coming out of a human eye. The scenery is breath taking.

Geographical Approach

Geographically this lake is located in the northern Manor Valley which in itself is a part of the bigger Kaghan Valley. Which belongs to the district Mansehra of the KPK territory in northern Pakistan.
The lake is situated near the Base Camp of Eye catching & Snow Covered Mountain called Malika Parbat. Height of this lake is 4,245 meters (13,927 ft.) over the ocean level. At the time of Kashmir Earthquake (2005), this lake’s beauty was also damaged. Despite everything it stays a standout amongst the most fascinating sights to find in the northern parts of Pakistan.
Best time to visit that lake is in between June-September in which Hikers will face less of snow.

Trekking Guidance

  • Trek of Ansoo Lake is mentioned as one of the toughest and adventurous trek in Pakistan, So be prepared for one.
  • Do not go alone, have a experienced guide to start with.
  • Do not cross river with shoes otherwise you will have a problem in hiking afterwards with wet shoes.
  • Climate is always unexpected there, do not forget to take jackets and Raincoat.
  • Oxygen level is low, so take rest if get tired.
  • Never ever try to spend a night on Ansoo Lake because of the surface and sudden climate changes.

For more essentials, tips and equipment must read Things to know before you go.

There are two trekking routes for Ansoo Lake, Both routes have their own beauty.
I really don’t like the gym. I like experiences, so I take any chance I get to go on a bicycle or on a hike. – Blake Lively

Route 01 (Ansoo Lake)

Day. 01

aansoolake7It is the most explored route which starts from Naran city.
Reach Naran City and have some rest there. Book a jeep for next day which is highly recommended and ask him to be ready before 5.am. Spend 1st night in Naran City.

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Day 02

ansoo-lake-clayLeave early around 5.am for Lake Saif ul Maluk, So that Hikers can reach at Lake around 7-7:30am. Scenery is heartwarming towards that lake too. Book a guide and horses from lake (unless visitors are professional Hikers) and Start hiking towards Ansoo Lake around 8.am. After 2 and a half hour hike, Team will reach at Base Camp of Malika Barbat Mountain. Before the Base camp you will cross a river of melting ice. Do not cross barefoot.
There starts a steep hike which is tiring and beautiful at the same time.
1st of all hikers will cover the slippery mountain, than there will be test of shoes on Rocks which are nightmares too. Completion time is around 5-6 hours i.e. around 1-1:30pm. If lucky enough, than the Lake will be visible for more than 5 minutes. Do not spend more than an hour on Ansoo Lake so that you can reach back to Lake Saif ul Maluk easily. ansu-3The Trek is quite fast if guys are coming back so it will easily be completed it in 3-4 hours. Time will be around 5:30-6pm, and jeeps are easily available for Naran city (in case team don’t have any plan to spend night on Lake Saif ul Maluk).
“Trekking means a travelling experience with a thrilling excitement.” ― Amit Kalantri

Route 02 (Ansoo Lake)

Day 01

Leave Islamabad for Mahandri around 8:00 am. Arrival time for Mahandri would be around 2:00 pm and then leave for Biari rest house and spend night there.

Day 02

Start trekking towards Dheer top around 8:00 am, will reach to the top around 3:00 pm and do arrangements for camping and night stay.

Day 03

ansu-2Move for Ansoo Lake at 8 am, arrival time will be 11 am for Ansoo Lake and then leave for Lake Saif ul Malook at 12 pm (if the visitors do not want the same trek for going back). and can easily reach at Lake Saif ul Maluk around 4-5pm and then move down to the Naran city.

See also: Hiker’s Heaven Pakistan (Part-1) Dudipatsar LakeDo share any experiences if  our readers had ever visited Ansoo Lake.



Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

Waleed Ahmad is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Chal Chalen. He's a wanderlust explorer. Waleed is also utilizing his travel and tourism experiences and sharing the positive sides with the world.

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