Kashmir-The Definition Of Beauty

Submitted By: Waleed Ahmed.
Kashmir is very well known for its hypnotizing glory. Every year, adventurers and explorers find themselves in the valleys of Kashmir to please their nature hunt. Attracted by the same progression, International Islamic university of Islamabad organized a week trip to this worldly heaven. Let’s look up Kashmir by hearing the story from one the trip’s participant.
Journey Towards Muzaffarabad:

Lower-ChatterOur journey begins when we decided to join the Kashmir trip all the way from Quetta. It was very long and tiring journey to Islamabad, from where we had to leave for Muzaffarabad.
Being clueless about current location of trip boys in Shadra, we still took the risk to travel locally towards Muzaffarabad. The van from Faizabad took 3 and half hours to reach Muzaffarabad from where we purchased the tickets for Sharda.

Journey Towards kel:

bm-image-717043Somewhere between that, we got a text having a bad news (just for us) that they covered RattiGali Lake. It was right when we left Muzaffrabad, mobile reception was lost. Hence, we just prayed that may we see the green buses in Sharda. But soon we realized that Kel would be the next destination of the trip.
Eager to see our fellows, we started traveling towards Kel without taking a bit of rest. During all that travelling we found ourselves in most mesmerizing and heart touching places in Kashmir. All the expedition from Keran to Sharda and Sharda to Kel, it was fulfilled with surprisingly beautiful sceneries. Luckily, the time of sunset was showing us 3 green buses standing along the hotel in Kel. We madly rushed towards drivers who told us that boys left for Tau Butt.

Journey Towards Tau Butt:

55d700a171804Feeling at home, we planned to catch them very next morning. The Route of Tau Butt was adventurous and wonderful. More fun was added when we travelled all the way on the roof of the local transport jeep.
It was about 7am and clouds were touching the ground. Our eyes were starring that stunning scene. The route of Tau Butt is more beautiful than the destination itself.

Journey Towards Chitta Khatta & Shounter Lake:

BMOzcP2CMAASBzEWe joined our fellows at the starting point of the area, then and there we left for Shounter Valley in the evening. The beauty of Kashmir is summed up into three things, its hosts, Jeeps and greenery of tempting Mountains. Jeeps took 3 and half hours to reach the tent village settled up for guests who planned to visit Chitta Khatta Lake.
In the next morning, after having breakfast we started Hiking at 7 am. The trek was full of beautiful flowers, ravishing stream all the way to the top. It took 8 hours to reach that captivating Lake behind the mighty mountain. 4078812Those who made it through oxygen depleted area were unable to describe the beauty of hidden lake covered in snow.
Afterward, the boys left for Shounter Lake (also called Spoon Lake) and it was a resplendent lake with sides covered by the grass and flowers.

Final Destination:

511Arang kel was another heart touching place located in Kashmir where you will find yourself under the umbrella of stars. From this point, the trip started traveling back. Trip left Kashmir in the next morning but our hearts are still there, beating and pumping with the beautiful memories of different yet mesmeric Kashmir.
And yes we realized again that unplanned tours are always superior to the planned ones.



Authored By Jawaria Arif

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