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By: Maryam Zeb

Green Marketing

Go GreenThe era of twenty first century is known to be a green era, which urges to balance the economic development and the environment protection in order to remain sustainable in a dynamic environment. Across the world, countries are facing with a challenge of environmental issues and Pakistan is among those countries severely affected in terms of energy, health, economy, resources, agriculture, and deforestation. Environmental issues have gained importance in recent years due to dreadful changes at global level and the significance of these issues cannot be overlooked even in the study of today’s business environment. Besides that, the increasing concern for the ecological issues have changed the behaviors and attitudes of the consumers as well. Therefore, the concept of Green marketing has been evolved that offers environment friendly products to these consumers and fortunately, this green purchasing ratio is found to be on higher levels in developed economies.The Environment Is Everything, That Isn’t Me. -Albert Einstein


The emerging phenomenon of green marketing appears to be a distant dream in Pakistan that demands to create the environment awareness among the people. The adaptation and implementation process is somewhat slow; however, the influence of mass media cannot be neglected in today’s universal environment to persuade the consumers. The environment knowledge is necessary to purchase green products, but in Pakistan, people often don’t go for it due to the following reasons.

  • First, they don’t have enough ecological knowledge to seriously consider the issue.
  • Economic and political instability could be the other reasons which urge the people to meet their basic needs first and ignore the environment issues. This requires deliberate attention to create awareness among the masses.

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There was a general belief that:

“Subjects get serious or down on the public agenda depending on the way they are represented to the public.

 If the issue is presented in a haunting way, either people will consider it thoughtful for their future otherwise they would show no concern for that issue. However, the impact of form media on all contemporary societies cannot be neglected. In recent years, increased broadcasting coverage and environment activist developed concerns for the environmental issues by creating awareness among the people regarding industrial waste and their harmful impacts on the environment. But, in order to create an environment attitude among society, affective domain is necessary to enhance their learning process. The advertisements based on environment knowledge are not sufficient, until they contain emotional content to increase the attention of the society towards environmental issues.Emotional messages are remembered better than other simple advertisements

Therefore, advertisements with emotional messages are more effective to create awareness among the people.

Recommended Solutions

Making world differentAt times it seems difficult for an average soul to make a mind-set about the green product, unless he has some opportunity to know about them. Therefore, in order to create environment awareness, a right information must be conveyed to the people. The government, institutions, environment rules and regulations and enforcement of law must be responsible for the sustainable environment. The more information provided to the people, more awareness created to make them understand their impact on the environment and thus are motivated to protect it. One of the foremost advantages of the environment awareness is to persuade the consumers to buy environmentally friendly products. Therefore, making a small change can create a huge impact. A combine effort is required from the government, media, corporate sector and NGO’s to focus on the sustainability issue and play their role to create the environment awareness in order to influence the consumer purchasing behavior in Pakistan.

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Authored By Faraz Javed

Faraz Javed is the founder & CEO of Chal Chalen. He is the diligent and dedicated partner. Through his writing skills, he is covering event marketing & promotion strategies to maximum event audience.

  • December 26, 2016 at 7:27 AM

    yes in order to enhance green phenomenon its important to spread awareness about it

    • December 26, 2016 at 2:37 PM

      What you think Mahnaz? What is the most important thing in green marketing?

  • January 9, 2017 at 7:34 AM

    It’s to know that at what extant people are concerned about environment and then to spread awareness about the products that have least harmful impact on environment. Marketers can develop different strategies to advertise such products


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