3 Ways To Promote Event On Facebook

Over 1.2 Billion people use Facebook daily. Its seems that promoting an event is not a problem but still event organizers fail to reach out their audience. No Doubt, Facebook is the great place to target the audience and promote event but event organizers must learn how they can actually promote event so that the audience can be increased.

In this article, we are going to suggest 3 ways to promote your event on Facebook.

Create Your Event

A very basic task to create event on Facebook or any other event specific website. Listing an event helps the organizer to connect with their audience, share information regarding the event and make their event more discoverable. If you are an organization based in Pakistan, you can simple use Chal Chalen to list your event. For organizations outside the Pakistan, Eventbrite can be a great option.

Following are the few tips to consider while creating your event on Facebook or any other platform.

  1. Event title must be interesting & clear. It must not contain any unnecessary information but narrating enough details to make it understandable by the audience. For example: event with title “Mushkpuri Peak” doesn’t actually reflect the real purpose of the event. On the other hand, “1 Day Hiking Trip To Mushkpuri Peak” is quite good and explaining what actually the event is about.
  2. Length of title must not exceed by 65 characters.fb event ticket
  3. Clearly include tickets registration link.
  4. Share the complete details about the theme or purpose of the event.
  5. Clearly provide one or two contact numbers. People likes to call for queries regarding your event. 
  6. Include an attractive event banner representing your event essential details like titile, time, date, venue, contact information etc

Invite The Audience

  • Friends & Family
    • You have created your event now its Now it’s time to use your network. Share it with your friends, colleagues & family members. But you should ping only those people, who can actually attend the event; also, like the taste of the event. Obviously a person sitting in USA is not going to attend your event in Pakistan. You should not send invitation to the whole friend list; instead focus on the right audience for your event to increase the engagement.
  • Audience From Past Events
    • If you have organized events in past then considering your audience from past is a good approach. Wake them up and invite them to join you in your upcoming event.
  • Promote Event On Your Company Page
    • Your company profile can gain good audience to your event. Update your profile so that your fans can know about your upcoming activity.
    • Provide registration link clearly on your page. It can be on your cover photo or pinned post of your profile wall.

Maintain Interest By Regular Updates

  • Post Past Videos
    • If you have organized events in past, then sharing videos from past event is a good strategy. Videos capture good audience quantity.
  • Use Testimonials
    • fb-testimonialWhat people think about your services & organization. Share it among
      your audience. It will increase their trust level to join you in your upcoming events.
  • Post Behind The Scene
    • Utilizing the greatest benefits of social media, behind-the-scenes content offers the audience a familiar experience of the organization; helping them to explore where they would not have access otherwise. Sharing BTS also give audience a first-hand view of the lives of those behind the organization!
  • Share Information Regarding Event.
    • If you are planning to organize a trip, share information about the planned location is a great way to gain audience interest.
    • If you are organizing some seminar or workshop, then do share information about the speakers and the topic that will be under discussion.

You each activity on #socialmedia must reflect “Why should people join you?” #chalchalen

  • Share quotes regarding your event theme
    • Quotes keep people inspired & motivated. Deliver your message through some quotes to the audience for their best interest.
  • People Don’t see your post, the first time
    • Around 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook. Sharing your event update once a day is not going to gain your audience. You have to share your content again and again to attract audience. You can use different content or post types to deliver your unique message of your event. Keep in mind, sharing content so frequently can lose your audience as well. So you have to consider the peak time on Facebook to reach out maximum audience.

How you utilize Facebook to promote your event. We would love to increase our knowledge. Do Share your experience. 🙂



Authored By Faraz Javed

Faraz Javed is the founder & CEO of Chal Chalen. He is the diligent and dedicated partner. Through his writing skills, he is covering event marketing & promotion strategies to maximum event audience.

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