Educational Project – Sitaron K Darmiyan

Sadequain Art Society has launched the first phase of educational project “Sitaron K Darmiyan”  with promotional Partners “Chal Chalen“. Sitaron K Darmiyan is based on street children’s education and those children which belong to underprivileged families that cannot afford the educational expenses of their children and let them work and earn for the survival of their families. The main focus of this educational project “Sitaron K Darmiyan” is to teach drawing techniques and make a skillful environment for our future generations.

In the first phase of project team of Sadequain Art Society along with many youth organizations and university students visited Master Ayyub School yesterday. Master Ayyub School is an open air school which is situated in F-6 Sector of Islamabad where Master Ayyub is teaching those street children for decades. Sadequain Art Society have provided the stationary to the students and team of Senior Artists like Younis Roomi(General Secretory Sadequain Art Society) and Asrar Farooqi(Freelance Artist) have delivered a workshop on basics of Drawing Techniques. This training included skills of writing and drawing in which children have shown great interest.


Many healthy activities like poems telling and singing National Songs like Dil Dil Pakistan was also part of this project. The team of Sadequain Art Society & Chal Chalen have engaged children in many extra-curricular activities as well asked them many questions about their homeland Pakistan. And at the end, all the children were provided with chocolates and juices to make them motivated towards education.
Founder of Sadequain Art Society Syed Hassaan Ali Shah concluded the session with his remarks and told that this “Sitaron K Darmiyan” is an ongoing project which will be continued and our mission is very clear outcomes of which will be seen in society very soon. Our objective of bringing change through education will be fulfilled very soon. Today we have just started this project and in future, we might be targeting any other place within the country. After the end of the workshop on drawing techniques, we will evaluate the work of children and then will focus on those children which are showing good interest in the field of drawing and designing. He added that our team belongs to young and dynamic youth like Usman Khalid, Kashif Ullah, Syed Maryah, Shoaib Malick and Haris Mustafa, and Nida Yousaf which have great potential and working hard for the promotion of Art, Culture, and Education.
Master Ayyub was thankful to team Sadequain Art Society and has said in his remarks that this type of initiatives make me more motivated towards the betterment of Pakistan and bring change through such educational projects.
Many organizations like Dil Say Pakistan, Hamaray Log, Chal Chalen, Beyond Sanity Publishing and Acts of Kindness came in to support “Sitaron K Darmiyan”. Many University Students belonging International Islamic University, Islamabad, National University of Science and Technology and Bahria University also contributed to the project.
Mushaihid Shah our grooming star and Gold Medalist in rock climbing also supported and joined our educational project “Sitaron K Darmiyan”

What’s Next?

Next phase of our educational project will be announced soon through our social media page and website



Authored By Syed Hassaan Ali Gillani

Syed Hassan Ali Gillani is the social activist and CEO of Sadequain Art Society. He has been working as a great organizer in various events in Islamabad and Abbottabad.

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