The Art Of Positivity.

Human being

positivityHuman being is best among creatures” is not just a sentence, in fact it (Positivity) carries a bundle of responsibilities to understand what aspects actually weighs under it. What principles were made to defend it and what actions were taken to enhance it? Don’t wait for miracles instead become one for others.

What positivity actually is?

Positivity is among those aspects which are must to have with you, wherever you go, whatever you do always makes optimism and hope your first priority. Positivity is the name of hope, positive energy, and intentions to achieve something, just like if we are already thinking to lose than we will lose definitely, your intentions chooses the end results,

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. Dalai Lama

Positivity is an Investment

PositivityYeah we put money into something to gain profits. Same is the positivity helps us to gain profits. which will be rewarded sooner or later in terms of peace. In fact Karma will not leave us anyways. Always try to spread good word and if you can’t do it than at least keep your distances from negativity and hopelessness. Always remember one thing, World does not revolves around us, it revolves around sun, and to become a sun of your own world you must have that “heat of positivity” so that the people who revolves around you ,relies on you can take advantage of you and can learn from you.

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Aspects of a Positive Person

You don’t need any super power or medical treatment to become a positive person. But only a peaceful and clean mind can help you finding a positive way of doing things,

Few generous acts from us can spread positivity. As actions speaks louder than words. So try to become a man of action rather than words like,

  • Guide someone in doing something better,
  • Make someone comfortable with your presence especially when they are depressed.
  • Listen to those who don’t have shoulders to cry,
  • Spend some time with intellectuals because they will teach you in far better way than whole library can.
  • Provide Consultancy to the juniors or relevant ones.
  • Always try to find other ways of doing things, if you conceded failures in previous ones.
  • Make someone smile by giving them solutions if you know some, otherwise teach them ways to get it.
  • Take failure as another challenge to work on.
  • Make a shield of hope to tackle strikes of negativity.
  • Spread happiness by doing kindness and providing help and services in different terms.
  • Always Prepare for the best outcome but also have little risk management to face worst.
  • Volunteer for some good cause just to make yourself happy and peaceful.

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. William JamesPositivityIf you will start following those steps. Believe me, you will see changing in your mood, behavior and peace of mind. As nothing could beat a stress-less mentality.  Don’t just label yourself as a good human being but also carry the weight of characteristics involved in becoming a good human being.  After all we are not here to earn our self only meals and bills.

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Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

Waleed Ahmad is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Chal Chalen. He's a wanderlust explorer. Waleed is also utilizing his travel and tourism experiences and sharing the positive sides with the world.

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