The Struggling Graduate

Fresh Bee (Graduate)

gr-1Burhan is a fresh bee having 4Mbps of PTCL internet connection, spending 18 hours a day on internet finding jobs and vacancies and applying for them. It doesn’t matter relevant or non-relevant to his field. Yet after 5 months what he got? Only a bundle of Test slips given by NTS, OTS etc and emails filled with interview calls. Although he’s a hard worker and consistent but what he needs is a government job! Just to sustain himself. The worst he can do with his 16 years education is that he’s now applying for a constable vacancy in forces. Every fresh graduate in Pakistan is facing these problems.

Case study (Scenario)

graduateA recent survey has shown that every 2 out of 4 fresh graduates are jobless. They are just covering themselves with the statements like “working on some project, I am a freelancer, getting clearance from the university,” etc. for months. Instead of studying what is necessary for the market, and settling down the questions which they were unable to answer in the previous interviews,  they’re clicking on the apply here button again and again. I would like to suggest every graduate that you should know The Art Of Getting What You Wantbefore applying to job or even achieving any goal in your life.Stay Positive

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The Root Cause.

Universities and teachers are responsible for it. I mean yeah, Students are also. But the one who is guiding and teaching them is their teacher. Who used to teach them the same 10 years old techniques and books which are approx. obsolete in the western world. Students are still studying what their bosses having 10 years of experiences have studied from the same institute, (we’re not discussing basics here of course). No one is ready to Think Outside The Box

What happened to the job market? (Recruiters point of view)

graduate-gapWe had a chance of interaction with some high profile recruiters and they have clearly told us that the gap between Students and the market is very huge. We need specialists but they don’t even know the basics. We want the competent but they are confused themselves that why are they even applying for this job?
The thing is we know there are hundreds of job seekers but what we actually see in themselves is their potential and interest in learning and exploring new things.

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Hype (In terms of marketing strategies)

gr-fakeYou will see on many social networks people are posting Fake Jobs and vacancies and asking to like and comment “if interested” are the vultures of Internet. What they all want is more likes on their platforms and publicity. We strongly recommended that never ever post your CV on their network untill or unless you’re satisfied yourself. You are jobless not a greedy freak whose only motto is to adjust himself in an unsatisfied environment.
Recruiting Station was a story that came as the result of many anxious awakenings during many nights. – A. E. van Vogt

Prescribed Solutions:

  • Never ever stop exploring and learning new technologies and courses. Change May Be The Most Interesting And Exciting Part Of Life
  • First always judge the standard of job you’re applying for.
  • Never settle for less until you’re broke or something (temporary job will help).
  • Always have faith and apply with good intentions.
  • Always do some homework before going on an interview.
  • Be prepared for each test specifically.
  • Repeat these steps if still unemployed.
  • Never quit, I repeat never Quit.

    It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. -Confucius

Share your story with us, If you are going through the same situation.



Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

Waleed Ahmad is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Chal Chalen. He's a wanderlust explorer. Waleed is also utilizing his travel and tourism experiences and sharing the positive sides with the world.

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