United We Stand Divided We Fall: (Muslim Unity)

By: Rimsha Jamil

The saddening fact of our Ummah is that the Muslims themselves are most divided people. Although, there are 57 Muslim states but we divide ourselves according to race, sect, culture, political opinions, and ancestry and even on the IMAM we follow! None of these excuses for separation are considered valid by Allah, and therefore we should not considered them valid either.

The Ideology

The Quranic reality and our illusion are totally mismatched . The Quran remind us that, originally we all Muslims are one ummah, but we broke this unity into differences. We Muslims are born to help each other. Besides that, YES unity is the ideology of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) always emphasized on brotherhood and harmony. When Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) migrated from Makkah to Medina he first established the relation of unity and brotherhood among the Ansars and Muhajris. But now we all Muslims are totally opposite of unity. We all know our Islamic teachings but we do not follow these teachings. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said that:

“Muslim ummah is like a human body, if one part gets wounded whole body will suffer and feel pain”

What happened to us?

Kashmir Protest (pkonweb.com)Then why we all are not together for Palestine, Syria and Kashmir? Why we are not able to remove their pain? Why we all are silent? Why our leader did not do anything for them?  These all questions are the black spot for our unity. Palestine, Syria and Kashmir states are similar to them Ansars and Muhajris, they are bearing homelessness, fear, war, sorrow of losing their beloveds. They need our help, why we have lost our teachings. Why we are unable to recognizing our path that is badly injured. Is non-muslims are much stronger than Muslim? Do Israeli and India are allowed to kill our innocents brother and sisters? Definitely our answers are “NO” then it’s the time to raise voice against them and think seriously why United Nations Organization which claims emergence of peace and calm around the world did not able to see the unequal and crucial treatment for Muslims.Where there is unity there is always victory. – Publilius SyrusIt is never late, Make it the time of unity for all of Muslims states if we all become unit then no non-Muslim state ever try to harm us .No one can call us terrorists but the main thing is unity. Also it’s the responsibility of our leaders put off a decision, then Muslims nations will understand that direct responsibility for this great endeavor rests on their shoulders alone.

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Authored By Faraz Javed

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