Where Should You Travel Next?

Being a Traveler I have heard many people asking where would you go next? I always choose to say that “where life wants me to!” because you are not a sole decision maker. However I always love to visit all types of places.

Apart from this, today we are going to suggest a unique yet beautiful place to visit in Pakistan. Everyone is visiting the North of Pakistan as it is more filled with lush green mountains and lakes in Pakistan but what about the other parts of Pakistan?
where should you travel next | chalchalen blogThis time we are going to suggest you to have a visit to nearest Desert in Pakistan or if you don’t have any than take a small break from your hectic routine and visit Cholistan Desert in Pakistan or Thar desert in Pakistan. Cholistan desert is starting from Bahawalpur District of Punjab and it covers the area of 26,300 kmwhich is in fact a huge one. Cholistan word is derived from Turkish word “CHOL” which means desert. This beautiful place has a dry bed of Hakra River representing Indus valley civilization. While discussing more in where should you travel next I must mention Thar Desert which is covering most of the parts in Sindh Pakistan and linking itself with Rajasthan in India.
desert in pakistan | chal chalen

Where should you travel next?
Reasons to Visit Deserts in Pakistan.


1: Arts & Crafts:

This place is filled with pure love of arts.  As the textiles, weaving, leatherwork, and pottery industry is fascinating there. The majority of the skilled workers here are masons, stone carvers, artisans, and designers with flourished new courts, paintings, weaving, and pottery. Example of their work would take you to whole new world. Moreover, the fields of architecture, sculpture, terra cotta, and pottery settled significantly in this phase.
For more essentials, tips and equipment must read Things to know before you go.

2: Night camping in Desert:

For travelers and tourists, this place provides a mighty view of Desert with slow winds along with the mesmeric view of Stars. You can enjoy your time there with your group of friends having Barbecue and gossips all night.

3: Camel and Jeep Rides in Desert:

These two rides are unbeatable there. You would fall in love with camels of Deserts because of their smooth rides. On the other hand it is also a time to check out the power of your four wheel drives. The experience is more like surfing in the sea.

4: Heaven for Photographers:

Yes, you read it right! Desert is one of those places where photographers usually go to take clear vision of sky and to capture the enthralling scenery of sand and slight elevations. Not just that but sunsets and sunrises also provide stunning views there.
You might also like: Travelling Is Healingwhere should you travel next desertIf you got any one of these interests than you have reasons to visit deserts in Pakistan, Just Visit it once and thank us later J keep smiling and do share you experience with us or if you have any other advice related to where should you travel next until than have a nice journey.  



Authored By Mian Waleed Ahmed

Waleed Ahmad is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Chal Chalen. He's a wanderlust explorer. Waleed is also utilizing his travel and tourism experiences and sharing the positive sides with the world.

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