6 Ways To Market An Event

Event marketing is the fastest growing fields in marketing and advertising today. Basically event marketing is designing and developing promotion for a product, activity, an organization and many more things to display. Event marketing includes the following things:

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Setting Up Your Event:

thinkstockphotos-148059517Before you start marketing your event, it’s important to know what your goals are. After setting goals, try attracting people towards your event by creating blogs and websites of your event. Creating blogs and websites include many other things, these are as follows:

  • Firstly, we should be including an image for the event, that image will appear when the page is shared on social networks. It could be the event logo or a picture of a room full of people.
  • Secondly, we should be adding the location of our event and the calendar widget on our websites and blogs.
  • And the last step is that we should include speakers’ image and bio because great speakers attract people like a magnet. So, the event page should be showing their faces.

In the above mentioned ways you will be able to tell your guests what the event is all about.

Promoting Your Event:

social mediaEvent promotion is very necessary to attract people towards your event. The best way to achieve this is through social promotion, content creation and by email support. Below mentioned things will help in event promotion successfully:
Write up interesting content that your audience can appreciate.
You should be sending emails of saving the date of the event and benefits of attending your event as well as the list of speakers and organizers.
Try using social media to promote the content and emails to your audience. Just try to keep posting updates and videos about the event and also keep the conversation going about your event.
Also try to add reference to the event on websites and blogs for registration of the event.

Promoting Event Through Specific Social Media: 

Social media networks are an important factor in the success of events. It can help to reach our target audience. Use the following social media to promote your event:

  • Twitter: Twitter is very useful for promoting events. Set up a unique hashtag and put it on the event website, and if you use the Tweet button for sharing on the site just use that hashtag. When people tweet, it promotes the event automatically on Twitter.
  • Facebook: Facebook offers some advertisement management tools, so try adding pictures and concise content for facebook ads using these tools to make it very effective. The other thing is that facebook custom audiences allow you to show ads to people who have already visited your website. By using this, advertisers can show event ads to Facebook users who left the website before purchasing a ticket. It can be a very effective strategy because people rarely buy the first time they hear of an event.
  • Youtube: YouTube is the second search engine worldwide after Google. Uploading videos from your previous events or interviews is an effective way to attract audience. With events we always feel the risk of not knowing what will happen, video eases that tension.

Tracking Progress Of Your Event:

images-1Always keep checking how many people have registered for the event. And determine through this that if you need to close registration for the event or should continue advertising your event.
Don’t forget to check the registrations on social media such as emails, facebook and twitter.

Socializing During The Event:

On the day marketing is a key part of event marketing and using social media for this is extremely valuable. So try assigning someone to manage your event’s social media on real-time using your hashtag on the day. It can be made easy by the following ways:
Try to download a check in app to check in the registrations at your event.
Do live blogging during the event and post photos of the event on real time on social media such as facebook, twitter. In all don’t forget to make video of your event.

Post Event Marketing:

feedback-1-png-pagespeed-ce-ny6fevtgeaWhen your event is over don’t forget the following things:
Send a survey to the audience to get feedback about the event so that you can take care of the things in your next event.
Create a blog/website post on your events blog/website about the event and serve that with a great material of your event for any future marketing. Your post should be including the summary of what is learned, photos and videos from the event.
Again don’t forget to include a thank you list including the audience and the speakers.
All this will help to create a memorable experience for them and helps you in your next event.

Winning Event Marketing:

event3-300x168Now that the event is over, it’s time to start thinking about the next event. Keep the participants updated about the next event to get registered early. As it is said that:
It’s easier to get retain existing customers than to acquire new customers.

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Authored By Jawaria Arif

Jawaria Arif is a Software Engineer. Currently working as an editor of Chal Chalen to enhance writing skills and is mainly aimed at providing social media marketing facilities as well as writing articles.

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