Basant! A joyous festival under an umbrella of precautions

Basant festival:

Basant! A joyous and colorful festival also known as jashn e baharan. It is when the sky is full of vibrant colors.

So, what do you think of these vibrant colors in the sky? What would it be?

These are the multi-colored kites in the sky.

Imagine such an eye-catching view up in the sky!

Once in every year the sky above Lahore and many other cities could be seen colorful kites during daytime and with white kites that shimmer at night. This festival actually makes our lives bright and much more interesting.

There is a passion as well as patience in kite flying. Roofs, terrace, parks, and open spaces are crowded with people on that day to fly kites. When the kite of one’s opponent is cut down, winners shout and beat drums to express their victory.

The festival is not only about flying kites but a cultural festival of traditional food, wearing yellow dresses, dances, and music.

History of Basant:

It’s a centuries-old cultural festival of Punjab. It has roots in the Sultanate, and in Sikh and Mughal times. They used to dress in yellow long dresses according to the tradition and culture of that time and fly kites.

The festival of kite flying soon became a Punjabi tradition with the center in Lahore.

Where to celebrate in Pakistan?

Basant portrays a positive image of the nation that brings a lot of tourism to Pakistan. People from most of the countries used to come mainly to Lahore to enjoy, it’s celebrated in other cities too.

Not only tourists gather to witness Basant in Lahore but people from other cities of Pakistan also come to Lahore.

During this festival, streets can be seen with enthusiastic people flying kites everywhere. They fly them on their terrace, roofs, parks and open spaces.


Why Basant banned?

Everything has some disadvantages in some way with its advantages. And this colorful festival also comes along with some life-threatening issues. The main reason to ban this festival is that it has become a blood-shedding festival.

Thread we use to fly these kites is made with glass and metal material. This thread is so sharp that if it crosses one’s body this could obviously lead to severe injury. A large number of accidents recorded due to these threads.

Lots of time it happens that boys fall down from the roofs of their houses that cause loss of their lives.

Basant has been banned in some areas of Pakistan as the families of victims requested the Supreme Court to ban this sport for good but still few of the people take part in this festival secretly.


Banning a festival like Basant would only deprive the common people of a cheap, inexpensive sport.

Because of the carelessness on the part of the government was why such a colorful festival was banned. It’s the government’s duty to make the event peaceful and secure. But unfortunately rather than making it secure it’s banned.

Efforts should be made to make this festival as secure and safe as possible. All the precautionary measures should be taken to avoid any sort of difficulty.

For example:

Mostly that thread is harmful to bike riders so safety screens are good to avoid any harm. String should be of the standardized type that will not harm anyone and it should be allowed to be used on Basant festival. If we use these precautionary measures Basanat festival is safe for everyone and the string will not harm anyone no matter how big the kite is made.

The mustard-seed’s flowering, Spring’s in the air and the bright kites are flying upwards and on.

So what do you guys think after reading this article! Should the Basant festival be allowed to celebrate or it should be banned? Comment below! 🙂

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Authored By Jawaria Arif

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