Ways To Reach SKARDU

Skardu is the name of city and district too. Sometimes whole Baltistan division is called Skardu. It is the central district of Gilgit Baltistan. Skardu district starts from Shengus Rondu valley to Sermik. Skardu district is bordered by Gilgit district in North West, Shigar district in south, Ganchedistrict in east, Kharmang district in south east and Astore district in south. Skardu city is the largest city in Gilgit Baltistan.


Ways to reach Skardu

Skardu can be accessed by two ways, ROAD or AIR.

Skardu via Road

 The typical street course into Skardu is by means of the Karakorum Highway and a Skardu Road (S1) into the Skardu Valley from it. There are four or five road connections to Srinagar and Leh.

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It takes around 22 hours to reach Skardu from Islamabad. The journey can be inspiring and pleasing for adventurous personalities who love to see mountains and can manage such a long journey. On the other hand, this journey can be unpleasant for people, who cannot tolerate long journeys and can get tired after few hours of travel. Though the journey on Karakoram Highway is long, but it is one of the beautiful roads to travel on.

The atmosphere can affect transport all through the Skardu Valley, as Skardu gets to be snowbound during the winter months. The roads all through Skardu (and other Northern areas) can be hindered for a considerable duration of time at once relying upon conditions (however two to five days is more typical), sometimes air travel is the only possible way to reach Skardu.

Skardu via Air
There can be one or more flights in successive days between Skardu Airport and Islamabad.

It takes just 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach Skardu from Islamabad. The short time of journey over the mountainous area can be the best journey that will cover some of the awesome scenery.

However, air journey in winter can cause disturbance due to the untrustworthy Skardu climate. Flights can once in a while be postponed by a few days.

Flight Schedule from ISLAMABAD to SKARDU Flight Schedule from ISLAMABAD to SKARDU



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