Why Your Event’s Color Scheme is Important

Great, you have successfully planned an event, all the technical issues are resolved, tickets are sold out, lunch is arranged and now you are good to go. But wait, there is still a key factor you must consider that will reflect the idea of your event. That will make an impact during your event and deliver a message to others and people tend to remember how something looked more than what it said. And that key factor is the environment that you provide to your audience during an event. How you are going to make the atmosphere attractive? How you are going to décor the event venue? What is the right color combination, you are using to reflect the logo of your brand or the theme of your event? To how much extent you consider color scheme is important?The color palette of your event is more than just decor—it affects how your guests feel about your brand. @BizBash @chalchalenpk

What people says about the psychology of colors

Color Scheme is Important src: www.americanmeetings.comEvery event organizer tries to make a best possible impact on the audience through sounds, décor or lights but the key to all this is through the deliberate use of color scheme.
“Colors and color combinations create moods and feelings, consciously and unconsciously,” says Kate Smith, president and chief color expert at Sensational Color, a color consulting firm in Ashburn, Virginia.

Jes Gordon

Event planners who value their audience uses colors for more than just décor. According to Jes Gordon (Event Planner), “The psychology of color plays a lot into our design stories, particularly in the corporate world where it’s usually about the company logo color, but obviously they had a lot of psychological backstory into making that original decision about the logo itself.” Reflecting the saying of Kate Smith, Gordon also consider that colors can set the mood of audience and he is nicely applying this theory into his work. He continues, “For many of our social events like weddings we tend to work with ethereal lighting like a frosted white light during the ceremony portion of the wedding, then work into deeper, more saturated party tones for the reception.”

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. –Oscar Wilde

Colors are non-verbal communication

Color scheme is one of the most powerful tools if effectively applied by a designer. Colors are a form of non-verbal communication and can convey messages in seconds. They can rapidly set a mood, convey an emotion, invoke a physiological reaction. Using the right color schemes inspire people to take action. It helps to set emotions for client’s or speaker’s story and that can have a powerful effect.No doubt you can choose any color scheme for your event. But it’s a good idea to have them represented in some way for continuity and brand recognition. In a recent BizBash article, Kate Smith advises being clear about your event’s message and using ­color to support it, just like every other element. “When you’re creating an event, the purpose is more than just looking good,” Smith says. “It’s creating something that you want to be memorable, and the color will help cement the message in guests’ minds.”

Points to consider when choosing color scheme

  • Study the company

    • Whether you are working for your own company’s event or planning an event for a client’s company. Only you are responsible that how the event will represent the company? How people are going to recognize your company? For that, you must have complete understanding about the company. What are the company’s values and what services are being provided by the company. Once you understand the company, selecting the right theme and color scheme will become easy.
    • For Example; If the company deals with natural or eco-friendly products, then you would like to include green color scheme.
  • Consider color sensitivity in the country and Cultural values

    • You must have to be aware of color sensitivities in the country or venue of the proposed event. Every country or culture has its own values. They have their own psychology. You must study how colors influence the people of that culture or country. Below is the image attached that represents colors psyche in different cultures.

Color Scheme is ImportantShare with us what color scheme inspires you and how it sets mood of overall theme of the event



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