7 Simple Steps To Make Your Event Successful

Organizing an event takes time, money and lots of hard work. If you don’t achieve the results that you hope, it can be very disappointing.

Invest In #EventPlanning, Not Just #EventMarketing http://wp.me/p7Oeha-2T @chalchalenpkI think you’ll agree the fact that after spending big money on event marketing, your event didn’t go as well as expected. Mostly it’s just the lack of event planning.

Yes! It’s true that many of the events fail just because of poor event planning. Organizations get succeeded in publicity but fail in planning. Event organizers focus more on making sure that people know and attend their event but they fail to put equal efforts on the logistics of the event.

In this post, we are going to discuss 7 simple steps that will lead to a successful event. These steps can nicely boost your event victory and can help you grow your reputation among the market. Having a proper event plan will definitely move your organizations up among those who don’t have it, and there are a number of organizations who just don’t focus on event planning phase.
Below are the main key areas that you must consider while planning your event. No matter, what category your event falls in, these steps will help you along.

  • Set your Event Goals.
  • Create Event Marketing Plans.
  • Managing Time Schedule.
  • Target Your Audience.
  • Build Your Team.
  • Organize Your Event.
  • Post Event Activities.

Perfect planning of an event makes a perfect event. Now let’s discuss each of the above mentioned steps individually and what tasks each step includes.

Set Your Event Goals

No work can be done properly with a well-defined goal. This is the first key for event planning. Goal setting is essential for even every single task that you are going to conduct.

You must have clear understanding why you are going to organize this event. What benefit you are going to provide to your targeted audience. What values will this event provide to the audience or the organization itself?

You must study the things that will be needed to meet your goals.
We will decide few things i.e.
why planning the event?
Which things to meet your goal?
Whether it is a fundraising event?
Or have some other goals? All this detail about your event will help you achieve your goal.

Write it all down and use it when starting the event and always remain clear about your plan and goal.

Create Event Marketing Plans

Your will be marketing your event. Event plan should contain a complete list of the costs to complete the event. So you may know what amount of money you need to complete the event.
Budget may include handouts, posters, advertising and promotional gifts, sales pitch and approach. All that, will make the event successful.
You always need to have a little extra amount in your budget for some other costs. In short you need to draw a whole picture of your marketing plan for the event.

Manage Time Schedule

Your team should know about time, responsibilities during event, and how event should run properly. You will manage proper time for all activities to achieve their goal about the event. We should manage time for creating handouts, advertisement of gifts and sending invitations. Anything that will be making the event successful should be done early so you can end it up on time.

Target Your Audience

Firstly you will create a website for the event. It is the easiest way to spread about your event in less time. You can upload banners and can be direct them to the event website for updates and details. Social media can be used for this purpose i.e. by sending tweets, emails or by creating the event on Facebook. Handouts, posters, advertising and promotional gifts, and anything else for the event can be created.

Build Your Team

You will sketch the whole event to identify people from which you can get support for the event. After that, allocate roles to events team members and your team must be clear about duties to run smoothly.By creating a sketch about your goals, you’ll help your team understand how they should perform their tasks.This helps you ensures that everyone is working together and can help keep everyone stay on track. Once everything is clear about the event, this will make your event successful.

Organize Your Event

The organization includes all of the event activities. You will sketch all the activities of the event and time for the activities. We should manage location, food serving, entertainment, names of participants and the dresses for the event. That way you can organize all the things of your event to be successful.

Post Event Activities

At the end of the event, give each and every guest a thank you and farewell. You can give gifts at the end of event to your guests. Try sending thank you cards to those who were involved in the event. Person who welcomed the guests giving a warm goodbye to the guests will be a great thing.
Evaluation form should be given to your guests about the event. This will help in finding the facts and will enable you to improve the next event. You can post all pictures of the event on your event website or other social media.

Over To You

Hope these steps will help you planning your next event. Do you use an alternate approach or other strategy that results in better event planning? Let us know about it in the comments section below. We eagerly want to listen from you 🙂



Authored By Jawaria Arif

Jawaria Arif is a Software Engineer. Currently working as an editor of Chal Chalen to enhance writing skills and is mainly aimed at providing social media marketing facilities as well as writing articles.

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