Rahim Yar Khan (Punjab) – The Hidden Pakistan – Episode 2

This is the second episode of our series “The Hidden Pakistan”. First episode was about the city Ghotki (Sindh) & covered all the renowned places and things in the city of Pakistan. This time, we covered Rahim Yar Khan and brought its specialties to you. Do help us  to explore more & more 🙂

History (Preface)

ryk-airportRahim Yar Khan District is providing shelter to more than 40 lac people, and it is spread over the area of 89 kilometer square. This city is named after one of the relatives of Nawab of Bahawalpur. Naushehra was its earlier name which was changed later on. Besides that,

  1. Rahim Yar Khan,
  2. Sadiq-Abad,
  3. Khanpur
  4. Liaqatpur
    are 4 Tehsils in District RahimYar Khan.

When we look into its past, we will see the famous conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim passed through this city in 93-94 A.H. while marching towards Multan. Afterwards, It was the time of Independence when Mr. Nehru and Mr. Patel tried to persuade Nawab Muhammad Sadiq Abbasi (Nawab of that region) to join India but he refused all temptations.
While in the current ere this city has belongings of the sheiks. If we mention some,  than Al-Nayhan Family, the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, has undertaken a large number of welfare projects in the city. They are specially visiting this city after time intervals for Hunting.
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahiyan Desert Hawk, former President of the UAE has built private residence in the outer part of the city and that residence is called ‘Desert Palace’ or Abu Dhabi Palace. It is linked with the Sheikh Zayed International Airport Rahim Yar Khan through a designated road which leads directly into the palace.

Places to Visit in Rahim Yar Khan

Bhung Masjid (Sadiqabad)

bhung-mosque-2Bhung Mosque was designed and constructed over a period of nearly 50 years (1932–1982). This Mosque is situated in Bhung town of Sadiqabad, it has very beautiful structure and the main thing about that Mosque is it has also won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1986. Master Abdul Hameed (kamboh) was the one who was controlling the complete construction and who always worked relentlessly hard for the mosque to make it a landmark for Pakistan. Another significance of this mosque is that a postage stamp for this Mosque was issued on May 12, 2004 in Pakistan.
bhung-511Architectural Specialists gathered from all over Pakistan and India: master masons from Rajasthan, India, craftsmen from Multan for the glazed tile, mosaic and woodwork, and painters and calligraphers from Karachi. The unique thing about design is that it is a mix of Islamic styles, in which masters have used rare and traditional materials such as ivory, teak, and onyx, along with industrial elements like terrazzo and artificial stone facing. Elements were borrowed from nearby Lahore, as well as Iran, Spain and Turkey, and combined them with Western colonial elements of the 1940s. At last, that Mosque was than came into being.

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Desert & Surroundings

whatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-22-53-16Desert is covering a large part of the surroundings, and it is secured by Rangers because of the border of India which touches at the back side of that desert, It has many small villages which are worth watching. It also has a park in the beginning where people go for picnic. You will also find many of the beautiful camels there with fascinating haircuts and designs on them.
Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody. – jane jacobs

Patan Minara

pattanIt is believed that this place was a Budhist Monastery around 5,000 years ago, Patan Minara is situated eight kilometers from Rahim Yar Khan City. It was built during Hakrra valley civilization during the Mauryan period (250BC), people usually come there to gain some knowledge and to revise the historical connections.


Mau Mubarik (Mubarak) Fort 

fort mau mubarik ryk by chalchalen.comWhile over viewing Tarikh-e-Murad, Raj Hans Karar built a fort in Mau Mubarik as a residence for his parent, more specifically his mother. Hence the name Mau refers to mother in local language. The fort was taken by Shah Arghun in 1525 A.D. It was one of those six fortresses which were under controlled of Raj Sahasi 11. The for was made up of 20 bastions and Towers. covering the area of 549 meters in circumference, there were ramparts and the walls which were very strong and thick. But now a days there are just archaeological remains of that fort which are also worth watching. One of the other major point of visiting that place is because of the shrine of a saint Sheikh Hakim which is of great importance too.

Agricultural fields (Crops)

133837741The beauty does not end up here, this district also has a strong agricultural connection. The system of canals is very popular in this city which is the back bone of Farmers. Crops included cotton, rice, wheat and sugar cane, if we speak of fruit than the fruit of mango are highly productive in this area. Tube wells are the other source of water as well as entertainment in summers, local people invite guests from the other places and host their lunch on Tube wells and self-made pools, with fresh mangoes. Which is very interesting norm in that area.

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Specialty of Rahim Yar Khan


rahim-yar-khan-1Sweets of this complete district are very popular, if we mentioned few of them than it would be like.
khanpur’s Peray and Khoya is very much tasty and consist of cream and almonds. Sadiqabad’s Barfi of Café Sajawal is very famous which is also considered as a best gift in town. Jalandhar bakers in main city has a complete variety of sweets with tasty gulab jamun and cham cham in it. Correspondingly, Residence of Rahim Yar Khan are fond of sweets so they always go for most tasty dishes available.


Tiki Raam

tiki ram rahim yar khan ki dalOne of the most special thing on the Shahi Road of the main city is Tiki Ram Ki Daal, where you can eat a delicious meshed Grain with butter on it. It is very unique and one of its kind. Speaking of a plus point, it is very economical too.

Shopping Hub

rainbow-shopping-bags-11912611Rahim Yar Khan is also called as mini Islamabad, just because of the versatility and Standard of Inhabitants. it follows that the variety is very vast as because every national brand has an outlet there. Everyone has a lot of choices of selecting outfits and have some shopping for occasions and events.


view-02aSheikh Zayed Medical College is providing opportunities to become a doctor or a certified nursing professional. On the other hand Islamia University Bahawalpur has its sub campus in this city where many of the degree plans are introduced already. Nevertheless, there are many other colleges and institutes too like Khawaja Fareed Technical College, Punjab College, Superior College helping the youth of this city in achieving goals.Share your story if you ever had experience of going to Rahim Yar Khan.



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